I. Needs Assessment
(upon entering and as we get started) 5-10 minutes
Where are you on the developmental continuum for 21st Century teaching and learning- on a “know nothing” to “know everything” scale?
(Please take one of the colored note tabs on the table and place it on the needs assessment chart.)

II. Welcome, Introductions, Housekeeping - 45 minutes
General Welcome
Introductions- PLP- Teacher Leaders- (their role today) short description of what PLP Leaders have been doing together with PLP

III. Overarching Goals - 10 minutes
1. For you to go back and change at least one thing your are doing in your typical practice in the classroom.
2. To expose you to several tools and strategies used to make connections with content experts beyond the four walls of your classroom.
3. To create an awareness of how to operate in professional learning teams and community both online line and in your school.
4. To help you become comfortable with and create your own blog, wiki, podcast or other social networking account (you choose) in an effort to help you gain ownership. You cannot give away what you do not own.
6. To promote the knowledge, skills and sense of urgency for 21st Century teaching and learning.

IV. Keeping Up With the Net Generation (50 minutes)

Debrief: Q&A

V. Break: 10 min

VI. Wiki Practice
Helping All Children Succeed

Six Hour Handicap
Technology Integration

We will watch these short clips together. (You will also have access to them here in case your team wants to refer to them during the discussion)
Please jot down interesting ideas that occur to you as you watch these videos. Then work in groups to discuss the following questions.
Choose someone who will record the team's answers on the corresponding wiki page to your table number.
1. Does the six hour handicap ring true with students or other children you have known?
2. How, in your opinion, do typical school environments cause us to tragically underestimate some student's abilities? How could it be prevented?
3. Why do you think this situational handicap shows up most often in minorities?
4. How would you define digital or technological literacy?
5. Is it more important for students to be digitally literate today than it was five years ago? Why or Why not?
6. Would a project like MOUSE be advantageous for a student that attends this school?
7. Does mastery of digital skills tie into achievement in core content areas? Explain. If not, should they?

Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Table 4 Table 5 Table 6 Table 7 Table 8 Table 9 Table 10 Table 11 Table 12

Report out



Skype call with Allanah King


Video: Digital Students@Analog Schools

Quotes to prompt discussion

Teacher Leader Tool Parade
How the tool can be used;
How it has been used in our classroom;
Process of ownership for the tool.

Teacher Leader Resource


Break - 5-7 min

1:05- 2:10

Add your Resources to the Participant's Page

2:10 Overview- starring Sushma

2:15- Small Group Discussion
Let's break into 5 small groups with each PLP teacher leader facilitator and discuss the following:
  1. As professional learning teams, what are our next steps to support each other in our 21st Century learning?
  2. What resources will you need to gain ownership and passion for the 21st Century tools?
  3. How will you reach beyond your classroom walls to deepen understanding for yourself and students?
  4. How will you integrate a 21st Century tool into your existing curriculum/classroom?

The answers to these questions will be typed by one person from each group (not the teacher leader) into Chatzy

3:00- A Vision of Students Today

- e-mail yourself and a critical friend the following:

My commitment to learning 21st Century tools and exploring the Web 2.0 will be demonstrated immediately by doing…

3:15 Adjourn