Elluminate session with Student Panel


8:30 - Welcome, Housekeeping, introductions

  • Workshop Overview, Goals, and Philosophy

1. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE - For you to go back and change at least one thing your are doing in your typical practice in the classroom.

2. To expose you to several tools and strategies used to make connections with content experts beyond the four walls of your classroom.

3. To help you gain an awareness of several read/write web tools (blogs, wikis, social networking tools) through an immersion strategy.

4. To promote a sense of urgency for 21st Century teaching and learning.

5. To give you an emergent understanding of how to use the inquiry approach through passion-based teaching.

  • Blog Your Intro -

  • Twitter- Join the Community

  • Wiki - (your note taking place)- create free account

  • Table Introductions - Please introduce yourself at your table

    • then discuss the following:
      1. What web-based tools/gadgets do you or your school currently use for instruction?
      2. What is the most exciting lesson plan/project (that integrated technology) that you have ever taught? (brag a little)
      3. As a table, define 21st Century teaching and learning.

9:00- 10:00- Introduction to 21st Century Learning: The Digital Natives are Restless

Resources Mentioned

10:00- Break

10:15- Walk About

10:45- Report Out

11:00- Dimensions of Change

12:00- Lunch

12:45- Elluminate - Webinar tool jnlp?sid=2007122&password=M. 9157A5766450DF19001A35B91D6545

1:00- Keeping Up with the Net Generation- Who are they? How do they learn?

Meet Gracie, Maegan, Ryan, Jay, Danny, Christian, Thomas, Caroline and Jesse.

1:45-2:00- Break


Meet the Edublogger Community

Good writing begins with reading- Good blogging begins with reading

  • Choose a blog or two to read and explore
  • Click here and leave a quick overview of what you found and your reaction.

Want to Know More about Blogs and Wikis?

2:25-2:30 Q&A and Homework

Search the term "personal learning network" in Google's blog search and be ready to share what you found out with your table.
Bonus- be prepared to demo a tool that is used in building your personal learning network. (you teach - I help)