Tuesday 1-5pm & 7-9pm

I. Needs Assessment (upon entering and as we get started) 5 minutes
Where are you on the developmental continuum for 21st Century teaching and learning- on a “know nothing” to “know everything” scale?
(Please take one of the colored note tabs on the table and place it on the needs assessment chart.)

II. Welcome, Introductions, Housekeeping - 45 minutes

III. Overarching Goals - 10 minutes
1. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE - For you to go back and change at least one thing your are doing in your typical practice in the classroom.
We will revisit this goal in three days, next month and next June 08.
2. To expose you to several tools and strategies used to make connections with content experts beyond the four walls of your classroom.
3. To network you with some of the most widely recognized 21st Century learners/teachers in the blogosphere for ongoing professional development.
4. To establish a virtual community of practice where you can continue to connect with each other long after the workshop ends.
5. To help you become comfortable with and create your own blog, wiki, podcasts and other social networking accounts in an effort to help you gain ownership. You cannot give away what you do not own.
6. To promote the knowledge, skills and sense of urgency for 21st Century teaching and learning.

IV. Small Group Discussion: (Participants will record notes on the wiki) 30 minutes
Team Identity Exercise
Please select a note taker that will capture your groups ideas on the wiki page that correlates to your table number around the questions/discussion below.

In small groups please discuss the following:
1. What web-based tools do you or your school currently use for professional development or learning?
2. How has society changed/remained the same since your parents went to school?
3. How has school changed/remained the same since your parents went to school?
4. Speculate on what you think the School of the Future looks like. Classroom 2.0, School 2.0, or Teacher 2.0

Report out

V. Break 5- 7 min (Time check 2:30)

VI. Keeping Up With the Net Generation (50 minutes)

VII. Speed Dating Explanation (10 min)

VIII. Virtual Speed Dating 3:30- 4:30 (computers with color marker)

IX. Debrief and EdTech Talk Prep 4:30 - 5:00

Tuesday Evening 7-9pm

I. Review and Q&A
II. Small group exercise

III. Online Conferences