Why Recreate the Wheel?

Here are some ready made workshops and workshop resources...
Make sure you give credit to the author.
Workshop Resource
Scott McLeod
Proficiency Workshop
David Warlick
Redefining Literacy For The21st Century
Karen Richardson
50 Sites for Admin in 50 Minutes
Wes Fryer
Teach Digital
Darren Kuropatwa
David Warlick
Co Learners Wiki
Quinton D'Souza
Teaching Hacks
Anne Davis
Improving Instruction Through the Use of Weblogs
Will Richardson
Weblogg-ed Presentations
Australian Flexible Learning Framework
Learn Scope
Miguel Guhlin
Around the Corner Wiki
Darren Kuropatwa
Rip Mix Learn and VLC
Allanah King
Jim Gates
Joyce Valenza

Anne Shaw
Margaret Simkin

Other Great Resources

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