Recent Interviews, Presentations, Workshops and Keynotes

As time allows, I will add other podcasts, presentations, and collaborations- but for now, here are a few of my more recent engagements.


TUANZ Elluminate Session: Preconference chat with New Zealand educators in Elluminate- March 2007
Online Conference for CORE Keeping Up with the Net Generation in New Zealand
AACTE : ENDAPT-Electroncially Networking to Develop Accomplished Professional Teachers - February 2007
Project Based Learning: Transforming Teaching with Project-Based Learning- February 2007
NSDC Presentation: 21st Century Learning: Infecting the Classroom and School - Dec. 2006
NAEHCY Keynote and Workshop: Schooling for Tomorrow: Learning to Bridge the Digital Divide - Nov. 2006
EdtechLive Interview with Steven Hargadon (MP3 will download)
Women of Web 2.0 Interview (MP3 will download)
EdTEchTalk Interview (MP3 will download) about K12 Online06 Conference