Some of the work we will be doing is by tables or professional learning teams. This activity allows you to create some team identity while you are learning how to edit, find photos that are copyright free, embed those photos and properly source them.


Instructions for the Activity

1. Take a couple minutes to make certain you know everyone at your table. In round robin style share one or two adjectives that best describes your personality. You can share why if you want.

2. Once everyone has shared their adjectives- based on what you know about the make-up of your group- what idea, concept, animal or famous person would best be used as a team symbol and why.

3. Then use this site to search for pictures based on keywords.

4. Click on "works I can modify"

5. Click on Google

6. Type your keyword in and click "go"

7. Make sure on the Google page Search only pages that are free to use share or modify

is selected and then click images.

8. Find the pic you want and right click and choose "save image as" and save to your desktop.

9. Then click on the pic icon at the top of the team table wiki - edit your table page

, example Table 10

10. Browse for your pic and click "upload"

11. Double click to embed your team photo

12. Give your team a name

12. Have photo source listed on page like this: photo credit: url

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Team 5
Team 6
Team 7
Team 8
Team 9
Table 10