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Discover ways schools and teachers can integrate online tools into their professional development programs. Hear about the role and effectiveness of online courses (including evaluation strategies), as well as how teachers are using social, networking programs such as Ning, Twitter, Facebook, and Delicious to network with colleagues and expand their resources. Explore strategies for bringing these elements together at the school or district level.
Anthony Rebora, Teachermagazine.org, Bethesda, MD, arebora@epe.org
Nancy Flanagan, Teacher Leadership & Learning Consultant, nflanagan@comcast.com
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Powerful Learning Practice, LLC, snbeach@cox.net

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  1. Michelle Bourgeois
    Michelle Bourgeois
    milobo @snbeach Enjoying my time here at #nsdc too. I live and work in CO and use Twitter to find people and ideas that stretch my thinking.

  1. Gordon Dahlby
    Gordon Dahlby
    gdahlby @snbeach G'Day from West Des Moines, IA. Twitter is another link to resources & JIT opportunities. Helpful for getting quick answers, too.

  1. Cary Harrod
    Cary Harrod
    charrod @snbeach Cary Harrod from Cincinnati, OH. Twitter is my 24/7 PD. Love it!

  1. Barbara Treacy
    Barbara Treacy
    barbaratreacy @snbeach Hi NSDC from MA! Twitter helps me learn & improve PD programs w/ new ideas & great resources; challenges me to think in new ways

  1. Kate Tabor
    Kate Tabor
    tabor330 Twitter for PD? Absolutely! There are great teachers, like @snbeach, and people share resources - 20 free tech tools http://bit.ly/6zOAcm

  1. Kristen Gauthier
    Kristen Gauthier
    kristengauthier @snbeach Twitter is a great resource for lesson plan links and teacher tools...I stay up to date on most recent web tools! #NSDC

  1. Bill Ivey
    Bill Ivey
    bivey @snbeach Hi to all from Shelburne Falls, (western) MA. I use twitter to keep track of great educational and social justice-oriented minds.

  1. Mark Carbone
    Mark Carbone
    markwcarbone @snbeach Hello NSDC educators from Ontario Canada. I use Twitter to learn, connect and share resources with educators around the world.

  1. Kelly Power
    Kelly Power
    kellypower @snbeach Hello from Windsor, Ontario. Twitter has become my latest on-line source for PD from great people all over! Twitter on everyone!

  1. Diane Hammond
    Diane Hammond
    dianeh @snbeach Hi from a Curriculum Consultant in Collingwood ON. Twitter links give me heads-up re conference sessions & books/articles to read.

  1. Crystal Priest
    Crystal Priest
    cpriest @snbeach Good Morning from Guilford, Maine. I use Twitter as a back channel during meetings and as a great way to share resources and ideas.

  1. Jeannette Campos
    Jeannette Campos
    jsuzcampos @snbeach Greetings from New Hampshire! I use Twitter to connect with the best minds in workplace learning. Welcome! I hope you love it here!

  1. alice barr
    alice barr
    alicebarr @snbeach Good Morning! I am from Maine and use Twitter as a learning tool and inspiration for Professional Development

  1. Michael Wacker
    Michael Wacker
    mwacker @snbeach Hi, form Denver, CO twitter is my Just in Time Learning, always on network

  1. Emily Vickery
    Emily Vickery
    ehvickery @snbeach Hello folks @ NSCD fr Pensacola FL - Twitter perfect for learning from other teachers (web curators) who filter and share content

  1. Allanah K
    Allanah K
    Allanahk @snbeach I am in New Zealand and use Twitter when everyone else in NZ is asleep. 1am here.

  1. Tomaz Lasic
    Tomaz Lasic
    lasic @snbeach Hey NSDC crew. Ain't the world small... Twitter? It IS people! Enough said. Have a good day, you're in great hands!!!

  1. chris harbeck
    chris harbeck
    charbeck @snbeach hi from a very cold Winnipeg Canada. Twitter is my PD. the network teaches me new things daily. PLN=best PD go Twitter

  1. Tracy Murdach
    Tracy Murdach
    TracyMurdach @snbeach Hi from Chgo. My PLN share great resources, troubleshoot issues, & support when needed. Use the favorite star to save great tweets

  1. Hadley Ferguson
    Hadley Ferguson
    hadleyjf @snbeach In Philadelphia. I use Twitter to learn from experts, to ask questions, to challenge myself. Also to share my ideas.
  2. plugusin
    plugusin @snbeach Hello NSDCers from Bill Ferriter in NC. I use Twitter as an information management tool. Ideas shared here are always top notch.

  1. Lisa Parisi
    Lisa Parisi
    LParisi @snbeach Good morning from Long Island, NY. Twitter helps me find great tools for class, collaborators for projects, and experts for advice.

  1. Shelley
    butwait @snbeach Good morning, NSDC folks, from Princeton, NJ! Think of Twitter as a huge faculty lounge full of smart, engaged edu folk. Fantastic.

  1. Susie Highley
    Susie Highley
    shighley @snbeach Hello from Indpls. Following great media spec & other educators constantly expands the realm of the possible for me & colleagues

  1. Alfred Thompson
    Alfred Thompson
    alfredtwo @snbeach Hello from southern New Hampshire. Twitter is how I attend PD events remotely by following live Tweets from events

  1. janning
    janning @snbeach Hi All at NSDC- from Perth Western Australia. It's 7:45 pm here & I'm catching up w/ my PLN on twitter. Lots of good conversations

  1. Ann Leaness
    Ann Leaness
    aleaness hello @snbeach from PA. I use twitter to learn and grow as an educator. Great resources and great conversations!

  1. Suzette Irvine
    Suzette Irvine
    SuzetteI @snbeach Hi from West Autralian . I use Twitter to research cool tools and resources to share.

  1. Heidi Chaves
    Heidi Chaves
    ChavesH Morning @snbeach and educators at NSDC from western NY. Twitter connects me to ideas from life long learners around the world.

  1. Barb
    BarbInNebraska @snbeach hello from a happy snow day teacher in Nebraska! My PLN taught me Google docs. My 3rd graders are using it today from home!

  1. Ernie Easter
    Ernie Easter
    ErnieEaster @snbeach Good morning from New Sweden in Aroostook County The Crown of Maine. I use my PLN on Twitter to gather resources to use & share.

  1. Ron Houtman
    Ron Houtman
    ronhoutman .@snbeach I too wonder what you are doing up so early - Good morning from Grand Rapids, MI. Twitter ensures I learn something new everyday.

  1. John Evans
    John Evans
    joevans @snbeach Hello NSDC Educators and SD from St. Francois Xavier, MB, Canada. Twitter is my link to current research/resources + Gr8 Educators

  1. P. Harju
    P. Harju
    Scout7 @snbeach Hi from Grand Rapids, Mi (what are you doing up so early?) I love Twitter - it is my PLN - I learn new things everyday.

  1. Kim McGill
    Kim McGill
    KimMcGill @snbeach Hi! I'm a staff developer in Ontario. I learn about sites, web tools, info from ppl I follow on twitter &they answer my questions.

  1. Steve Sokoloski
    Steve Sokoloski
    stevesoko @snbeach Hello NSDC from an tech educator in NE CT who mines the datastream from other Twitter educators for great links for my teachers.

  1. Melissa Techman
    Melissa Techman
    mtechman @snbeach Hi, from school librarian from Charlottesville, VA - I love Twitter for the help, advice and pointers to great ideas and resources!

  1. Graeme Bennett
    Graeme Bennett
    graemebennett @snbeach Hi from Victoria, Australia. Following the many links that are posted daily on Twitter have given me some of the best PD ever!