NECC 2008 Presentations

ENDAPT- Electronically Mentoring to Develop Accomplished Professional Teachers- Research Paper
Come review the results of a content analysis from three separate years of conversations between novice and accomplished teachers in an online mentoring community.

Powerful Learning Practice-Creating Online Communities for Professional Development- Spotlight Session with Will Richardson
This session will describe the work done by the presenters in creating a sustainable model for ongoing professional development using 21st Century technologies. It will focus on the ways in which emerging technologies can be blended with face to face activities to build capacity for systemic change both in teaching pedagogies and curriculum. Participants will learn about the specific tools (such as and Elluminate, among others), and they will learn how these tools are being used to create change. In addition, they will learn how to identify, create and prepare core teams to lead the professional development activities, how to include and leverage administrative support, and how to build momentum for building out a program throughout their districts.

The Magic of Digital- Collaborative Interaction in Teacher Professional Development- Panel Session with Wes Fryer, Dean Shareski and Darren Kuropatwa
Summary: The electricity often present when educators connect with each other using synchronous and/or asynchronous digital technologies is contagious for learning and transformative for professional practices.

There is a tangible electricity present when teachers connect with each other, and connect their students to others in safe ways using digital technologies. In this session, we'll share stories about the different ways teachers have and continue to experience this "magical electricity" through synchronous as well as asynchronous digital connections for professional development as well as classroom instruction. To be effective, teachers need to literally EXPERIENCE the constructive power of digital interactions online rather than simply hear about the possiblities in an "awareness workshop." Teachers need to "make stuff" with other teachers using digital tools, and meaningfully collaborate with others over digital networks. We'll explore ways teachers are doing these things today using the technologies present in their classrooms and available read/write web resources.