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9:00-10:00 Effective School Leadership through Technology: the 21st Century Administrator

As the people of the world are becoming increasingly connected, the nature, use, ownership, and purpose of knowledge are changing in profound ways. Our goal as educational leaders is to leverage these connections and changes as powerful means to improving teaching and learning in our schools.

2:45-4:00 Implementing 21st Century Skills - Steps to Build Momentum

If using technology is so easy, why is implementation so difficult? Preparing students for the 21st Century calls for collective action of all stakeholders and this workshop looks at the steps needed to build momentum and garner buy-in from the entire school community. Participants will discuss ways to plan collectively and strategically for the future, develop a professional development plan for 21st Century skill building, and make sure all students have equitable access to a 21st century education.

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"We need to read enough to know what's right and wrong. It is very important to know a good deal about technology ... what's the latest thinking about how to access information, best model for putting technology into the classroom, what's available ... what role new technologies such as iPods and Blackberries play ... what smaller devices are on their way. The superintendent needs to have enough knowledge to ask the right questions and to pick a good CTO."

— Dr. Annette Griffin, Superintendent, Carrollton – Farmers Branch Independent School District, Carrollton, TX

A recent Education Week article which was followed up by an online chat (transcript) highlighted an administrative technology gap that most districts face in one form or another. How can we expect to move forward with 2.0 initiatives when such a knowledge gap exists?

  • To be an effective technology leader, you should model innovative uses of technology and empower educators, parents, students and the community with technology solutions.

  • You should consider yourself the model-in-chief in your district, taking every opportunity to showcase innovative technology in your work with your staff and community.

  • Integrating technology into district leadership, management and operations will empower people to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Source: http://superintendentempower.org/strengthen/index.html