Re-think traditional, site-bound definitions of "teacher leader" as you explore new passion-based models of teacher-generated leadership in virtual communities of practice. Investigate what makes virtual teacher leadership communities successful. Create a new needs-based community to build leadership capacity in teachers, get support for launching it, and identify indicators of success.

Nancy Flanagan, Teachers Lead, Howell, MI, nflanagan@centurylink.net http://twitter.com/nancyflanagan

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Powerful Learning Practice, Virginia Beach, VA, sheryl@plpnetwork.com http://twitter.com/snbeach

Strand: Teacher Leadership

Collaborative Tools

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9:30- Welcome and Introductions

  • Housekeeping- collaborative tools
* Who are you?
* What do you do?
* How would you define teacher leadership in the 21st Century?
- 1-2 sentences, adjective driven, phrases
  • Who we are and our journey to teacher leadership

Process Deeper- The Heaven Made Staff Lounge (at your tables)

- If you were working with your colleagues the way it could/should be what would it look like, who would be there, what are you talking about, what actions could you take, what plans would surface? Dream big!

Share Out - Someone from your table give us the gist!

10:00 - Setting the Stage

We built it and they didn’t come-- and then they did come.. what shifted?

As we share the quick overviews of these case studies please use the graphic organizer to jot down your perceptions of what worked, what didn’t, and why. What jumps out at you as key indicators of success and capacity builders?

Models of teacher leadership that didn't work :

Network of Famous Teachers
- awards and prizes
(recognition without relationships doesn’t work)

University By-Invite Leaders Group
- prestige w/o relationships

(motivation for being there and support to stay is important)

PLP NBCT Community
- purpose and value missing
(Can’t give away what you do not own)

Fortune 500 Tech Corporation
- Transition to Teaching -
Control and lack of open leadership

Models of teacher leadership that did work:

Take One! in North Carolina
- Clear Purpose and Mission
(Clear common goal full of value add)

Save Our Schools March
- Passion Driven
(Being part of something bigger than ourselves)

AZ/WA Blogger Group
- Collaborative Culture
(connected learning without pain or frustration)

PLP Communities
- Willingness to Evolve
(co-created content creates a sense of community)

10:30 Process Deeper - Lessons Learned

At your tables, using your notes tease out the factors that led to vibrant (or not) learning communities. What are the takeaways we should learn from in these examples?

10:40 Share Out- What did you uncover in your discussions?

10:45 Communities and Network- What Does the Research Say?

11:00 Creating Your Community- Elements and Indicators of Success

- Purpose

- Governance

- Leadership

- Activities

- Tools

- Audience


How do you know you are doing well?

Study on knowledge construction in VLCs

Paper for ISTE

Scale for Success

11:25 Wrap up and Q&A


Sherry Turkel's book:

What is back-channel chat?

David Logan's TED talk:

What is Delicious?

AZ/WA Blogger Group