Learner-centered, lifelong learning has been the cry of knowledge society visionaries for the last decade. Yet learning continues to be delivered with teacher-centric tools in a twelve week format. Society is changing. Learners needs are changing. The course, as a model for learning, is being challenged by communities and networks, which are better able to attend to the varied characteristics of the learning process by using multiple approaches, orchestrated within a learning ecology. - George Siemens

When we design curriculum that is build around inquiry-driven, project-based learning, where students and teachers work together to create new meaning and deep understandings, then we can use 21st Century tools to allow students to create meaningful, creative and authentic work, using the best available research, while collaborating with and presenting to people from all over the world. - Chris Lehmann


10:00 - Welcome, Housekeeping, introductions

  • Workshop- Goals, and Philosophy

1. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE - For you to go back and change at least one thing that moves you toward becoming a 21st educator or educational leader.

2. To expose you to several tools and strategies used to make connections with content experts beyond the four walls of your school or office (In an effort to help you model these new literacies to your students, faculty, and staff.

3. To help you gain a comfort with several read/write web tools (blogs, wikis, social networking tools) through an immersion strategy.

4. To promote a sense of urgency for 21st Century teaching and learning.

  • My Introduction -

  • Blog Your Intro -

  • Twitter- Join the Community

  • Table Introductions - Please get in groups of 4-5

    • then discuss the following:
      1. Beyond your cell phone, is there a cutting-edge technology that you use routinely to accomplish your work? Name one strategy that has worked for you personally in keeping up.
      2. What was the most exciting technology innovation/project/initiative you or your school has done this last year (brag a little)?

10:45- 11:10 Keeping Up with the Net Generation

Keeping Up
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Resources Mentioned
Web 3.0
Human Network
Ten Trends:Educating Children for Tomorrow's World- Gary Marx
Pay Attention resources
Teacher Artifacts
Andrew Churches Blog
Partnership 21st Century Skills
Mark Treadwell

10:55- Elluminate as a Collaboration Tool

11:10- Panel Discussion about the Changing Learning Landscape

Meet Panel members

12:15- Finish Keeping Up

12:45- Walk About

1:05 - Report Out

Dimensions of Change

1:30-2:15- Lunch

2:15- 3:30 -Building Your Personal Learning Network

Resources for PLN

Want to Know More about Blogs and Wikis?

Google Reader

Meet the Edublogger Community

Good writing begins with reading- Good blogging begins with reading

  • Choose a blog or two to read and explore
  • Click here and leave a quick overview of what you found and your reaction.
  • Or add a few blogs to your RSS reader.


3:30-3:45 Q&A and dismiss