21st Century Learning Project

The Alabama Best Practices Center has designed a two-year professional development program that engages educators from participating schools in powerful conversations about 21st Century Learning. In 2005, with support from Microsoft, ABPC recruited small teams from 20 forward thinking schools across the state and established a virtual learning community built around an online curriculum called, “Keeping Up with the Net Generation.” Feedback from our first group of schools was very positive.

Twenty more schools were selected to participate for the 2006-07 school year. Schools that had begun working the previous year continued their professional development in an “advanced strand” of the project.
The project is supported by 10 Alabama educators who have been selected and trained to be ABPC’s “21st Century Teacher Fellows.” The project’s leadership includes staff from the Alabama Best Practices Center and two consultants who are experts in 21st Century Learning and virtual professional communities.

The Best Practices Center created a 21st Century Project wiki as a learning resource for schools in the project. The wiki can be accessed by everyone at http://abpc.wikispaces.com. The team projects can be accessed on the book-marking page, Del.icio.us: http://del.icio.us/abpcjohn.

Meet today's speakers:

Alabama 21st Century Fellows-

Brandi Caldwell

Scarlett Gaddy

Aimee Smith

April Chamberlain