Administration and Planning Bulleted Items
ISTE- improve Administration awareness of...
- Net awareness
- Standards
- Policies
Develop long range plan
- Include all stakeholders "planning retreat"
- goals/objectives/path steps
Create one project to pull in all stakeholders. "Buy in for all"
Pilot programs- establish
- Share i.e. Noteshare
- ask for collaboration (provide incentives)

Administration and Planning Sticky Notes
Admin can meet with teachers about the barriers
Ask administrators to join projects/blogs
Advocate for change using resources that are trustworthy
Get administration on board with coming changes
Administration can enforce the use of technology in the classroom
Start small with success and support. Then expand.
Have a retreat where all stakeholders meet and develop a long-range plan for technology
Small investments in technology for small programs
Pilot programs- co-teaching seminar classes
Create a single project with technology that's supported by admin and which we can all work on together
Administrators trained to meet ISTE/NETS
Employ ISTE Admin standards at the higher ed leadership level