1. Create a Connected Learning Community (CLC) of TIMs using multiple
modes of communication, connection and PD.
2. Connect TIMs CLC with those of other groups, such as IU curriculum
coordinators and coaches and do so at both a state and regional level.
3. Create a CLC of coaches using multiple modes of communication,
connection and PD
4. Develop a protocol for fostering collaboration within districts
among coach, tech director, curriculum coordinator, and principal

Organizational Policies

1, Participate in the creation of a strong marketing plan of school reform collaborating with IU, curriculum, TaC, TIMS, and Coach Mentors.
2. Educate and inform District Administration on policies of 21st Century teaching, age based models, school calendars, assessments, and global educational models.

TIM's Roles

1. Define the instructional coach role within an IU and pair TIM with other instructional coaches in organization to maximize resources, information, and create sustainable reform. The idea is to model the role of an instructional coach for districts.
2. TIMs work with coaches and district leadership institutionalize the coaching role within school districts.
3. PDE mentors communicate CFF critical information to directly to TIMs before or in tandem with districts. Use the TIMs distribution list. Enable TIMs to be a few steps ahead of district so we can anticipate questions/issues.

Professional Development

• Offer suggestions on how to restructure time in schools and connect schools that are using effective strategies
Before school
After school
Record PD
Use appropriate technology to leverage your time; recording videos, etc.
Schedule changes for common planning time
• Provide administrators with PD focused on educational change, vision, and leadership.
• Provide for thoughtful planning for professional development that includes all stakeholders.
• Deliver professional development they should model effective strategies for all learners.
• Arrange for a compelling speaker and share across IU regions.• Promote Act 45 courses that integrate 21st Century Learning (ex: LOTI)

  • Advocate to change the “what” and “how” of school.
    -Demonstrate sustaining Commitment to change.
    - At the Coach, TIM and District Levels
  • Create a culture that includes all stakeholders in a design of education and implementation.
    -This could be broken down and unpacked to show how this will be done.
1. Administators and all stake holders will develop a common vision and language.
2. Coaches will demonstrate the value of instructional coaches at all levels of leadership (share the research).
3. School leaders will implement professional development through their experiences with conferencing, curriculum, and teacher visitation.